About us

Well, we are a couple of too good-hearted outlaws, One of us was a clown for 25 years and he had the greatest times.As a true Entertainer he lived the fast lane, and that just because there wasn’t a faster one.The other one is more the quite thinker, the one that always is on garde for anything crossing his path.and messing up the order he needs so much.

At a certain moment the smart one wasn’t paying that much attention because he was having a such a good time with the clown and just than,somebody bad came along and took it all away. just at that moment that they both knew and realised they were gonna need each other. They lost it all, the smart one lost his brains and the clown couldn’t be or wouldn’t be funny any more. It took them a lot of beers and three couches to realize that without a bit of good thinking, and a smile to a stranger once in a while, there is no here, there is no beers, and there definitely are no cheers. So now they work together on the greatest Cheers ever, to make sure that anybody of us ,where-ever he or she may be,will ALWAYS remember that there is Love in every cheers.

There’s always somebody somewhere that exactly knows what you mean and feel. mostly they are right close to you , but you just gotta let them in. You’ll recognize them as well, one looks a bit like a clown and the other is taking it much to serious. So hey there, what are you having,.. CHEERS


About me & a huge Thank You, to all my close & other friends that helped me thru, to others who I missed in this 2 year mission being a one-track mind thinker. Also thanks to all the sponsors who had a blind confidence in me and my (rather high set) goals.

Well , we’re not there yet (at all) so join us@belgianbeerday(Twitter) Belgian Beer Day worldwide(on Facebook ) or mail me at vic@belgianbeerday.com everybody is free to participate in any way , CHEERS

about me :

Became Beer King in my freshman year, was President the Year after. A DJ since my 15,(Radio, Bars ,Clubs & All kind of Parties), Bar Manager => Bar Owner => Global Traveler => Theater / Actor => Burning Man Addict => America Lover => Event-Charity-organizer =>with a new mission….The First The Belgian Beer Day Worldwide.. The simple gesture of a Simultaneous Global Toast celebrating the camaraderie of having a good beer in good Company and wishing each other the very best.

Where ever You may Be,

And Now also organizing a Craft beer festival in my home town inviting the world Beer’s and brewers to come over and share their beers and brews and know how with the rest of the Beer community,
Thank You All &… CHEERS