Stats october 2015

Because our organisation  believes in transparency

(and are a bit  proud of so many  people following our daily beer news, &  joining our festivals) 

we are so happy to share the statistics of  our and your twitter accounts 

Thank you so very much & have fun !


Total Followers per 3 and 2 accounts on October 18 th 2015

moz 18 Oct 3 acc

MOZ 18 Oct 2 acc

 September Month overview : Impressions &  Topfollowers & Toptweets


September stats


septem b stas cc

 The 152 countries  we are present in  !

countries 152

The Top Countries Geo Stats

top 15 countries

The Top 30 States/Provinces in Geo Stats

top 30 states

all about Tweets & Reach & Engagement in June
june 2015 pic sum all

Example of twitter engagement Megaphone

FUN & True

 in May
event profiles belgium 18 maart 2015

in June

fast growing event

 only two things we can say

THANK YOU All, & …Cheers

and remember

“There is Love in Every Cheers”